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Sunday, 8 September 2013

12 month before and after - Cortisone induced eczema


  1. Looking the dapper gent I always knew : )
    Well done Josh and kudos for sharing what had to be painful and awkward fo that others can benefit.

  2. Congratulations on your recovery! Following everyone else's lead and also trying to document my progress one day at a time. Cheers!

  3. Hi josh . well my friend , a year into withdrawel , seems to have flown by . I must say that you are looking prety good there . How amazing is it to be this far down the line ? . i remember the bad times but they seem so far away already . I truly hope that your great recovery continues and that you carry on posting on here for those who are just beggining . I remember how supportive everyone ,including your good self , was to me when i started withdrawel . I am into my 11th month now , just a few weeks behind you . QUICK QUESTION THOUGH . When i got to 9.5 months i hit a wall again . i was expecting it as a lot of people in withdrawel say that they get a rebound flare at 9 months . i am still in a bit of this flare ,nothing too serious but enough to make me nervous . Just wondered if it happened to you ? ...congrats on your year into withdrawel mate . keep going and be safe . John .

    1. Hey John,

      Thanks for the message pal, as always, I appreciate it.

      No need to worry about the flare, I've lived with that on and off. It's not a big flare, but a bit red and dry skin, it tends to linger for a while. The last one of them I had was only a week or two ago and it lasted for a week, then all of a sudden disappeared.

      The thing I do to minimise the impact of flares is to eat lots of anti-inflamatory foods, like broccoli, cod liver oil, salmon etc. I find this really dampens the fire.

      Hope life is going well buddy, long live perfect skin!!


  4. Hi Josh, I am in month 5 now. I cant sleep well and difficult to fall asleep. I always scratch my skin at midnight which make my healing progress get worse repeatedly. Anything good for sleep?

    Also, I found that some of my skin turns brown after inflammation, how long does it take to turn white again?

    1. Hey Ng,

      I had a terrible time getting any real sleep. I slept in an arm chair that allowed me to stay more upright and I found that more comfortable while my skin was really bad. I used sleeping pills (usually double the recommended dosage) to get about 4 - 6 hours sleep per night. I also watched a heap of movies to pass the time.

      As for turning brown after inflammation, I don't really know what you mean there, but I would expect it to be another 5+ months before you will be seeing normal looking skin tones start emerging.

      Keep fighting buddy,


  5. You look great Josh. Thanks for keeping your blog - always informative, and your personality is a blast of fresh air - so positive, no matter what's going on. You seem like great fun!
    Onwards and upwards - and NEVER touch the roids again... Take care. Elaine, Edinburgh. x