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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Coming to a beach this summer

A friend sent me this and I couldn't help but share it. I think I'm about 6 months away from being fully healed, and this summer (approx 6 months away) I am going to be brown as a berry!! Throughout this recovery I have continually given myself things to look forward to, to work towards. This is one of those thing!


  1. Hey Josh.
    So great to read your news of healing.
    I am half way through month 3 and still very bad on the bottom half of both legs, both entire arms, both hands and my face and neck which cycle in and out.
    Being a fellow Aussie (I am in Brissie) I wonder how you handled the summer last year as you were in your early recovery then, right?
    I find sun and being hot and sweaty REALLY bothers me, makes my skin 10 times worse.
    How the heck did you endure summer last year?
    Any tips?
    It's already pretty hot in Brissie!

  2. Hey Carin,

    I spent the summer in an air conditioned house pretty much solely on the couch. My that time I was in considerable discomfort, my skin was flaking like crazy and I was using a tonne of moisturiser to feel less still.

    For mu mind in your recovery I would just write off the summer to movies and music, try to rest as much as possible and avoid getting to hot and sweaty.

    It's a tough time when you are recovering, but the biggest lesson I can share with you is just to relax, and focus on getting through each day. After about 6 months you will start to see a massive improvement in your condition.

    Stay in touch.