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Monday, 17 June 2013

TSW recovery update, doing it in style after 9.5 months

It has been a rocky journey with some ups and downs, but the TSW recovery is going really well as we pass the 9.5 month mark.  I'm confident that in the next 6 months I will be back to normal, as I am already living a very normal life and no longer get comments about being red.


  1. looking SERIOUSLY good my friend . amazing how things are now to how they were a few months back . keep going mate and all the best to ya .

  2. Thanks buddy, feeling pretty good and playing sport... winning!

  3. Josh I love your updates. I keep them for when I having a bad day as the inspire me on.
    Please keep them coming

  4. Love your blog! You give inspiration to those of us in the beginning with no life! :) Looking forward to not being asked if I am sunburned. Keep us posted on your progress! It is very helpful!