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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Is diet causing my red skin flares?

I'm not sure why diet has crossed my mind recently, but I have been thinking about it for a while.  Others like Jake and Lib have gone on the gluten free, sugar free diet and seen great results, whilst there are other recoverers that have maintained a terrible diet.  For myself I've notices my skin colour and texture fluctuating regularly, and whilst I know this is common, I wonder if I can influence it via diet.

Quite red in the face and hands after 9 months of recovery from topical cortisone steroid addiction

To test this theory I'm going to be good for the next couple of week.  Lots of salad, chicken and fish, plain unprocessed foods, no alcohol and minimal sugar.  It will be interesting to see if there is a noticeable difference.  If there is, we can start to investigate if my body is sensitive to certain food types.

I know some people will question why I wouldn't have worked this out earlier, however remember that earlier I would have been constantly exposed to this body stress and hence my body was only showing small signs of flushing.  After coming off cortisone my diet has changed and it's possible that when my body gets a dose of something it's sensitive to, it's creating much more noticeable reactions.

The redness in my body has been mainly concentrated to my face, chest and hands and it's this localisation that also leads me to think that food may be playing a small role.  Of course let me stress that the cortisone recovery is the main problem, we know this, but is food playing some role and can I get a better quality of life if I monitor my food?

Time will tell, stay tuned in readers :)


  1. Hi Josh. Im also withdrawing from topical steroids and im about 1/2 a month behind you. likewise, I was healing quite well until last week. My skin started to ooze more again etc.. I think it might have to do with the weather as were heading closer towards the colder months, where the temps and sun exposure start dropping. I'm from Sydney btw :D

  2. Hey Ken,

    I had a friend send me an article on vitamin D and the role in keeping the skin together. I think this ties beautifully into your theory of the season change.

    I'm not taking vitamin D pills but I think it might be a good idea, my friends Lib & Jake swear by vitamin management for their skin.

    Stay in touch Ken, i'm in Melbourne.


  3. Hi Ken

    Im in Geelong and going into 8th month. Im gluten, dairy, egg, yeast, sugar free. I believe that diet can make a huge difference. I think my minor eczema I had in the first place was caused by foods I'm intolerant too which lead me to steroids. My theory I have tested and only again a few days ago just to make sure ...Chocolate! :) By the afternoon I was itchy and hives appear. A little red in place for a few days then its gone.. I have a blog too and have added you too and others too. Check me out at Hope to hear from you. Hope your skin picks up this week with your diet change. Drink loads of filtered water too, I find that helps :)

    1. Hey Megs,

      I've found the diet + extra vitamins to be quite effective already. Congruent with this, really focusing on not scratching (which is obvious).

      Chocolate hasn't given me any dramas, but eating healthy seems like an obvious winner, along with no booze.


    2. Absolutely Josh :)

      Im already taking multi vits with Omega 3 and fish oil.. It make me wonder is all my change of eating has helped me heal faster than others? Or maybe Im having what people call a calm period. Fingers crossed its not..I run to the mirror every morning expecting the worst and Im not normally like that..Its scary.. As for alcohol..Im too scared to touch that too. Josh have a look at my blog Do you have one too ..hugs x

  4. I have been off TRIMINCILONE for a week now:/...ive used it for about 15 years.. Sigh...Thank God its only my face and not my body like some Tsw users that seems much 26 ..hopefully I will be back to normal