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Sunday, 12 May 2013

8 Month recovery update

Well 8 months in and it has been a series of ups and downs.  I had just recovered from a month worth of flare up on my chest when the occasion occurred that I had to take antibiotics, the first course I had taken in about a year.  This brought about an important discovery... I'm allergic to antibiotics.

The result of the allergy was three days of bright redness, swelling and itchiness.  The problem was that because I had to stop taking it, the staph infection that I had originally noticed was given time to spread to took over my entire face, neck and chest with a million pustules.  This rendered me basically bed bound for week, but finally it's starting to go away.

Interestingly the colour of my skin improved dramatically with the use of non-penicilin based antibiotics.  I would love to know the reason for this and will be keen to track the progress once I get off them and the staph has healed.

If you touch my skin at the moment you would notice it's still dry, but a top coat of moisture has started to form.  The key is not scratching, as once you take the top layer off, then layers and layers of dry skin are underneath, it's a matter of not scratching.

Healing continues well, but as always, we just have to wait it out, stay health and positive, always looking forward.

All the best to you all my friends.


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