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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Research paper into steroid induced rosacea

I was thrilled today when one of my readers send me this academically credible steroid induced rosacea research paper.  To those recovering from red skin syndrome or any cortisone induced reactions, you will not be surprised at all to read that steroids are bad (even low toxicity ones) and should be avoided.

One thing it does highlight, which I have spoken about with many cortisone users is the constant infections and pustules that occur on the skin.  Since going off cortisone I haven't had this problem at all, but it was something I lived with for about 5 years... a tell tale sign of cortisone usage.

There is a lot more in there, this one is worth a read.  Any comments, let me know.

Note: Special thanks for the article Sarah from Southern Indiana, USA.

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  1. Josh, you are most welcome! Keep's contagious!