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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Josh's 6.5 Months red skin recovery update

It has now been 6.5 months since starting cortisone steroid withdrawal and I’m finally back to seeing my body in a general white state, with no persistent redness on my face or hands.  I’m careful to stress that it’s not cured, and some days are better than others, but it’s absolutely clear that there has been a massive improvements.  My friend Jeremy told me that I look the best he has seen me in two years (time I’ve known him).  Most importantly, I looked in the mirror today and I felt handsome, this justifies all the hard work better than any gym regime!!

The improvements since starting withdrawls have been clear:

1. Body wide reduction in redness
2. Eczemas symptoms gone
3. Cirrhosis  spots gone
4. Infections no-longer occurring
5. White pustules / boils no-longer appearing
6. Moisture reappearing in my skin
7. Able to drink without going bright red
8. Able to play sport without going bright red
9. Dandruff gone
10. Guts strong and toilet breaks back to normal
11. Water retention (bloating) gone
12. Hair is now thicker and fuller than before
13. Skin becoming much stronger
14. Physically looking younger and more virile
15. Movement and agility improved
16. Can now have hot showers / baths
17. No scratching in my sleep
18. No facial redness / blushing
19. No dry skin on my black clothes
20. Nobody asks me if I’m sunburnt

Image: 6.5 months into recovery

There is still another 6 months to go (at least), but I’m so much happier than ever before.  Thanks to the support of my amazing parents who have helped to care for me, feed me and keep the house clean, I’ve been able to focus on getting better, staying positive and the results have flowed accordingly.

I haven’t had any ‘flare ups’ during my recovery, but that’s probably because I never had bad eczemas symptoms, it was more red rash all over my body.  I would still say I have some pinkness all over me, but it’s not really noticeable, nobody comments on me being sunburnt, it’s more like an Irishman’s pink skin.

Day by day it’s all getting better.  I’m happy as hell and hope I’m helping to inspire you through your own battle.  Always focus on what you are working towards and it will happen!


  1. Your upbeat openness has helped my husband, who is in week 4 of all this, tremendously and we both thank you!

  2. Thanks so much Sarah,

    I really appreciate you taking time to comment on the blog. Week 4 is a tough time, but as I always say, just get to month 3 and you will start to see improvements (slow as they are).

    Cranks the tunes, watch lots of movies and when this is over you'll be all the better off.

    Lots of love,


  3. Hey Josh!

    I'm Nikhil, I can't tell you how grateful I am to your blog and I'm so happy to see your skin improvement. Your blog is really like a ray of hope for me!

    I have been using mometasone furoate 0.1% for 2-3 years and like you i have face similar problems like skin redness, hair thinning on scalp and eyebrows, highly prone to skin infections.

    I have some queries and I can't think of anyone else but you who can answer!

    1. Did have the problem of skin thinning or was it just redness,if you did have skin thinning problem has it improved over time?
    2. I am allergic to all sorts of sunscreen so is it a must to use them?
    3. Since I have coloured skin, I also have some hyper pigmentation on my face did you have this problem if yes again has it improved over time?

    Thank you once again for all the effort that you have taken to make this blog you truly are an inspiration for me! :)

  4. Sorry forgot to ask did you take any antibiotics while recovering?

  5. Hi Nikil,

    Thanks for the message and I'm sorry for the late reply. I'm currently in Thailand having a relaing holiday in the sun... can't believe how great this feels and I'm back to looking good.

    To answer your questions:

    1.) I did have skin thinning problems to the point where playing sport any bump would leave a dark purple bruise. My skin also cut easily and the redness was pretty full on.

    2.) I wasn't allergic to anything and could use sunscreen if I was going to be out and about but I don't really use it often. When I do it doesn't help or hinder me

    3.) I have hyperpigmentation in quite a few spots on my body now and so far it hasn't gone away. That said nobody seems to notice at all so i just don't worry about it.

    4.) I did not take any antibiotics during recovery, just stuck to cod liver oil, probiotics and

    Hope that helps buddy.