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Monday, 11 March 2013

Hair Loss - How to look good in 60 seconds

Through my recovery all my hair fell out due to toxic shock.  This is really common when you withdraw from certain drugs and the toxins / hormones in your body change.  It takes around 6 months for the hair to fall out, and then come back in full, and to be clear I am talking about all my hair, not just that on my head.

As it came back, I had a lot of holes and patches.  Now I don't mind shaving my hair down, but because the coverage was so patchy, even this looked really strange, so I looked for alternatives to cosmetically patch the situation.  What I stumbled across was a product called Toppik, which is a synthetic hair fibre.  All you do it sprinkle it on, it clings to your hair and thickens it for when you go out.

In my experience it looks great, natural and clings in there pretty good.  Check out the video below where I do it for real.  Keep in mind as you watch the video, that I stupidly had the front door open and my mother was trying to help me whilst also holding the camera, so the result is average.  If you apply a little extra effort, it looks amazing and takes only a few seconds.

Let me know what you all think, or any other helpful ideas.

p.s Eyebrows come back by themselves, there is not much you can do.

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