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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Recovery Tip - Massage

The general consensus amongst the topical cortisone steroid recoverers is that the body needs lots of rest and relaxation in order to heal quickly.  One thing I have notices now that the skin is not flaking like crazy is the role of massage in helping the colour and texture of my skin repair itself.  Over the last month I have been going for massage several times per week, and following each session my skin is whiter and smoother than before.

Today I started the day quite red, as you can see in the image below.  This has been brought on by long hours in the office and broken sleep due to the heat of summer.  After  the mid afternoon massage (1 hour session) the look and feel of the skin improved.

Where this really fits in, is my belief that you need to stay active and interact with life.  I know it's tempting to hide away until it's all over, but in my experience recovery has been quickest, and most bearable when I'm busy living life and having fun.  So lets examine this:

1. All medical evidence shows that an active brain is a happy brain, this is because we release endorphins (which my friend Amy calls 'inner dolphins'), which make us happy, help the internal system work and speeds up recovery.

2. Time passes quick when you are having fun

3. The most important recovery isn't physical at all, it's internal.  Talking about motivational theory Maslow has a theory that the highest plain of existance is when you reach self actualisation, or in laymen terms, when you are confident in yourself and unphased by others.  Let me tell you now, if you're not focusing on your own state of mind, start now.  Read a book, talk to me, just start working out how to be more happy with yourself and everything else will feel easy.  It's my #1 pro tip for life.

Ok, enough pontificating from me, any more and I'll be running for Pontiff... which I'm not sure my two years of high school Latin qualifies me for, and failing that, my lack of religious believe certainly disqualifies me.

Keep the messages coming!