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Monday, 25 February 2013

Playing sport after 6 months of red skin syndrome reocovery

Two months ago I would not have thought this possible.  I was stricken with tight dry skin, barely able to move unless I lathered myself in moisturiser after scraping off many deep layers of dry skin from my entire body.  Now after 6 short months the skin is white again, soft and moist and I'm back doing the stuff I love.

It's important to note that I'm not completely healed yet, there will be many more months for the body to get back to 100%, but I'm better than I was before I stopped cortisone steroids (creams and pills).  My skin is starting to get soft and durable again, my body has lots of energy and I can move with absolute ease.

There are still some places that are dry and itchy, they come and go across the body healing one by one.  Interestingly, once healed they go away permanently, so I don't mind when the come up on me.

Below is a game of frisbee I played today, this video documents my colour throughout the hour of exercise.  Usually I would be bright red in no time, but pleasingly I kept my colour quite white, wasn't too itchy or sore and even now 4 hours afterwards I'm feeling and looking good.

Special thanks to my friends at the Real Mufcoy for encouraging me to play: Wallsy, Charlie, Toff, Lisa, Dan, Loz, Bessy, Diana & the others that were there, Ronnie, Joshie & more.

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