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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cortisone recovery update - Monday 25/Feb/13

The recovery continues in a positive fashion, it's on the up and up as they would say and I couldn't be happier.  Over the last month I've been out on the town meeting lots of cool people and getting lots of compliments on my look.  I've also been out with a few young women, none of which have said a thing about my skin or colour which is an amazing improvement even on pre-withdrawl Josh.

I've received a heap of e-mails over the weekend asking a few questions and looking to compare themselves to me, so here's the answer to a few of the most common q's.

I used cortisone for 10 years, although the first 5 -6 I used bugger all, just on spots that came up from time to time.  After that I used quite a lot, until recently where I would regularly use 2 - 3 tubes in one sitting.  The tubes were 0.1% strength, and the tablets became more frequent as well.

Early on in the recovery my legs swelled up like tree trunks and for a month I couldn't get into my shoes.  Solving this was my Dad, who kindly started massaging my legs daily, pushing the fluid out of them.  After about a week of this we saw big improvements and over the next month it completely went away.

Sleep was another big issue, even when my skin was healed I was waking up every hour.  So to solve this I went out partying, forcing myself to stay away until I was completely shagged (tired) and doing this regularly trained me to sleep through the night instead of the day.

Diet-wise, I eat really healthy, lots of fruit, vege, fish and lean meat.  I largely cut out gluten, carbs & sugar, and for the first 5 months booze and caffeine.  Nowadays I drink about 3 - 4 beers when I go out, and two coffee's per day.  Other than that, I don't drink softdrink anymore, focusing on keeping my fluids up, and suplimenting my body with prime rose oil, cod liver oil and zinc tablets.

If you do nothing else, I recommend cod liver tablets.  The research on these is very positive and my recovery certain sped up after taking them (3 tablets daily).

Any questions, just let me know.