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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Cortisone recovery update - Monday 25/Feb/13

The recovery continues in a positive fashion, it's on the up and up as they would say and I couldn't be happier.  Over the last month I've been out on the town meeting lots of cool people and getting lots of compliments on my look.  I've also been out with a few young women, none of which have said a thing about my skin or colour which is an amazing improvement even on pre-withdrawl Josh.

I've received a heap of e-mails over the weekend asking a few questions and looking to compare themselves to me, so here's the answer to a few of the most common q's.

I used cortisone for 10 years, although the first 5 -6 I used bugger all, just on spots that came up from time to time.  After that I used quite a lot, until recently where I would regularly use 2 - 3 tubes in one sitting.  The tubes were 0.1% strength, and the tablets became more frequent as well.

Early on in the recovery my legs swelled up like tree trunks and for a month I couldn't get into my shoes.  Solving this was my Dad, who kindly started massaging my legs daily, pushing the fluid out of them.  After about a week of this we saw big improvements and over the next month it completely went away.

Sleep was another big issue, even when my skin was healed I was waking up every hour.  So to solve this I went out partying, forcing myself to stay away until I was completely shagged (tired) and doing this regularly trained me to sleep through the night instead of the day.

Diet-wise, I eat really healthy, lots of fruit, vege, fish and lean meat.  I largely cut out gluten, carbs & sugar, and for the first 5 months booze and caffeine.  Nowadays I drink about 3 - 4 beers when I go out, and two coffee's per day.  Other than that, I don't drink softdrink anymore, focusing on keeping my fluids up, and suplimenting my body with prime rose oil, cod liver oil and zinc tablets.

If you do nothing else, I recommend cod liver tablets.  The research on these is very positive and my recovery certain sped up after taking them (3 tablets daily).

Any questions, just let me know.


  1. Hi Josh

    Great video again .Glad to see you doing so well still . Keep going buddy .

  2. Great post Josh. Thanks for the shout out. It's so uplifting to see someone coming out of this with so much enthusiasm, and an appreciation for feeling better. I personally think I've turned a corner this week (day 120 for me) I seemed to have had one flare the whole time, but my skin has calmed and the itching is much less intense and less frequent than a few weeks ago. I'm trying to stay optimistic at the same time as being mentally prepared for some more suffering if the TSW gods are so inclined to throw my way. I also wanted to let you know that I sent an e-mail to both, the Dr. Oz, and Dr. Phil show (not sure if you know of them, but they are big daytime tv shows in North America), suggesting a show dedicated to this. I also sent some links for them to look at. It would be huge to have them show this to such a large audience.
    I'm going to try the supplements you've been trying. I have been taking Vitamin C,D,E and dandelion tea (supposed to reduce nitric oxide levels)
    Anyway, thanks again for the post and here's to healing.
    Cheeers mate.
    Cory Zyromsky
    Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

  3. Hey Cory,

    I know Dr Phil, but Dr Oz is a new one to me.... or perhaps he is that extremely good looking bloke that wears scrubs on the TV show.

    Sounds like a great idea to me. I'd be happy for you to point them at any and all of my content, and to contribute in any way. The US tends to like us Aussies, so if I can add some value, just let me know.

    Get onto the cod liver oil, it was the single biggest help to my recovery about 3 tablets per day with food.

    The strength in my skin is really improving fast, it's a great feeling.


  4. Hi Josh,

    Thanks for the getting back. Didn't realise you were a secret kiwi!

    So interestingly one of my legs has started to go down but the left one remains stubbornly fat. And both (particularly the left one) are weeping like crazy so that my socks and pants are all wet by the end of the day. Have had to take a couple of days off work in the hope that will help them recover. Have also had some wicked joint pain in the left leg. The missus has been giving me some massage so hopefully some more of this will help the legs go down.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem! Wouldn't wish it on anybody however.

    Thanks again keep up the good work. Geoff :)

  5. You are welcome Geoff, I'm glad to hear you are seeing change in them, that's a really good sign.

    When I went through it they stayed about the same for a month, then they started coming down. Make sure you massage with lots of cream for lubrication, focus on starting at the foot and pushing the fluid over the ankle, up the skin and out through the knee.

    You may want to Google lymphatic drainage massage, that helped me a lot.

    Keep me posted.

    Josh - Go Blacks