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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Celebrating 5 months of cortisone steroid recovery

Welcome all, thanks for the ongoing support. Today marks a milestone of 5 months recovering from cortisone steroids that ravaged by body, destroyed my adrenal system and sent my skin bright red and dry.

Since stopping use of cortisone steroids, my body has been the victim of a horrendous recovery; bright red skin, very very very dry cracked skin, hair loss, swelling, insomnia and much much more.  Pleasingly, after 5 months of recovery things are improving, and I'm back living a fairly normal life.  I still can't exercise or work out, need to manage the amount of heat my body is taking in and have quite a strict diet and relaxation program, but I'm on my feet, having drinks with mates and back into my beloved party scene.

In recent times I've travelled interstate on planes, drunk booze with friends and worked late nights with minimal sleep and the body has held up very well, in some circunmstances better than it use to.  My internal system is working the best it has in years and areas on my body that use to suffer from cirrhosis have cleared up and gone away.

Still I live with redness and areas of dryness, hair is still months away from coming back properly and I need to mange myself, but on the whole it's a very positive story.  How much longer?  Well I don't know, it could be months, it could be years.  If I had to guess I would say another 6 months before I'm back to normal, but to be honest that is nothing more that an optimistic guess, something I'm working towards and very prepared to be wrong about.

I'm throwing a party to celebrate my 6 month recovery next month, should be a belter of a night!