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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Skin splits in neck

For many years now my neck has been red and it seemed no amount of cortisone would bring the colour down.  To me, this says this was one of the worst affected areas and hence is no surprise it is giving me such grief now.  The problem at the moment is a series of splits all around my neck and throat, deep enough that they can't heal overnight and quickly crusting over whenever they dry out (which happens easily and quickly).  The dry skin of course is uncomfortable and you can't help but scratch it off, exacerbating the problem.

One thing I have noticed is that using my traditional moisturiser (QV cream) has not worked at all.  The reason for this is that QV tends to dry out, leaving a coating on top of the skin, which in turn the brain confuses for dry skin in sensitive areas.  Since moving onto an oilier moisturiser I have found more comfort around the neck, although I might add that the sensitive is driving me nuts.

It has been about 3 weeks now and whilst my face has almost recovered, the neck is still struggling.  Discipline will help sole it, but also the body itself will eventually just decide to heal, which is a recurring theme within my recovery, at some stage, doing nothing different, the skin just heals.

Overall I think my body has recovered quite well in the  first 3 months and if I was judging on overall colour, I would say the redness has gone down about 25% and the dry flaky skin about 60%.  If you think about it as a full year recovery, these are good signs.

OK, plenty more to discuss, but honestly my neck is distracting me, so another time.  Night all

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  1. Instead of QV, I recommend to try either “Emulsifying ointment 500g” or “Dermeze 500g”.