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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Day #101 - Cortisone Addiction Recovery Video with Jake

In this special video Jake Killeen and girlfriend Libby join me to compare and contrast and discuss the recovery process.  Jake at the time had been recovering for 13 months, compared to my 3 months.  As you can see from the video's below, there is a huge difference in skin colour and Jake has come close to completely defeating the cortisone addiction (side affects of cortisone use).

I thank Jake & Lib for their friendship, support and terrific nature.  If there is one magic bullet for recovering from the side affects of cortisone usage, it's a positive mindset, and openness to try different things and the love and support of those around you.  There is no doubt Jake and Lib have this and I am very proud to call them my friends.

Please note, the camera makes Jake look redder than he actually is.  Were you looking at him as I was, you would never know his skin use to be red like mine.

Sitting down with Jake (13 months into recovery) and discussing our commonalities

Comparing our chests, Jake looking white, me looking very red

And one fun one - Lib & Jake, you rock my world