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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Cortisone side affects: Immune Deficiency: Staph

Day #111 of my recovery from the affects of 10 years of topical cortisone steroid use. Over the last 5 years of using cortisone my immune system really went down hill and I started getting staph infections. As time went on these became more and more regular to the point where they happened every month or two. I was popping antibiotics like maltesers, but it kept coming back and usually more potently than the time before. Since ceasing using topical cortisone steroids I have not had an infection and my general health has been steadily improving. For the record this streak of 111 days beats that last 5 years by a couple months... this is proof. I'll be writing another update shortly as my skin has improved dramatically over the past couple weeks. My colour is much better, flaking is almost gone and I'm feeling good (still missing my hair though). Good luck to you all

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