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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

3 months off cortisone steroids - A hard recovery

I won't lie to you, it has been one hell of a difficult 3 months with enough ups and downs to make a rollar-coaster look decidedly pedestrian.  Today however is a celebration, despite feeling like hell as i work in the office today, i am now a full 3 months in!!

The positives are that you can see the improvement in the skin, it's stronger and many of the horrible initial symptoms have started to or completely gone away, for example:

~ Hair has slowly started coming back
~ Swollen legs are almost normal now
~ Infections have stayed away
~ Ears no longer weeping
~ Skin rarely weeps, but is still dry and flaky
~ Skin flaking has reduced significantly since month #1
~ Legs barely flake at all anymore

So overall there are many positives and you only need look at louise in the UK or Rochelle as another great example of those who had gone through the pain and are now seeing the terrific results of cured white skin.

Here's to you all everywhere.  I can't wait till this most recent flare up ends, Christmas is 3 weeks away and I would love a few days of relief while I lay around in the sun!

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