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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Stay positive and see the good - Day #84

The affects of cortisone withdrawals are still taking a toll on me, but this video reminds you to stay positive and smell the roses. Life is pretty good all the time, you just need to recognise it.


  1. Hard sums help you relax?
    Maybe you should invest in a tough maths book to while away the time during TSW!

    Great post as always. Your upbeat attitude is inspiring. I've just hit the year marker and am doing great. You wil get there too.

    Keep smiling and keep doing the math! BTW, say hi to Liz and Jake for me. It's great that you have their support during this. Jake stopped steroids the same time as me, so I'm always interested in how he is doing.

  2. I started withdrawal in September also. My symptoms aren't as serious as yours and the other blogs I've seen, but it is still hard to go through. It's hard when my three-year old daughter just wants to play with me and I can't stop scratching! Thank you for your videos. I plan to show some to my husband so he knows I'm not mad (just kidding! he'll still think I'm mad).
    Keep pushing through! See you on the other side.