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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Day #59 Leg swelling from cortisone withdrawl

After withdrawing from topical cortisone steroids my legs instantly swelled up to the point where I could only wear very loose sneakers and even then, my ankles would be hanging over the sides.  My calves, foot and ankle were all red/purple and swollen and no matter what I ate or didn't eat, they did not go down at all.  It was only after a visit from Jake & Lib from eczema  healing blog that I thought about massage and started to see the swelling go down.

For the last 5 days my parents have kindly been rubbing my legs, starting at the feet and pushing the blood/liquid up towards my heart.  It doesn't really matter how hard you push, any movement seems to help, and even after the first session I had noticed significant improvement.

Of course, it's not a magic cure, thanks to the cortisone withdrawl process you will swell up again shortly, particularly if you're standing on your feet all day (as I tend to as I run around the office), but overall it has made a noticeable improvement very quickly.  When I can also spend time laying down elevating them, my legs improve even further.  It reminds me of my foot reconstruction last year, where spending large amounts of time with my legs in the air reduced swelling to almost nothing.

So from my end, I'm very happy to see this symptom going away.  Now I can focus on looking forward to my hair growing back.  I noticed what I think are a couple new eyebrow hairs have grown, I'm hoping this is the start of everything going back to normal.  I think on Tuesday I'll shave everything off the top and then it can all grow back at a steady rate, perhaps ready for Christmas?

Hope you are all healing well.  Cortisone withdrawl is a bastard, but I'm taking a lot of positives from the steady improvements.  My friends have noted the big reduction of redness in my face and while I could be upset about missing all the fun and frivolity of the Melbourne Cup and the lovely weather that is the Melbourne summer, this time next year I'll have the power of 20 men. It reminds me of an old movie quote:

"Don't threaten me with a good time, you don't know what I'll bring to the party"


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  1. Leg elevations helped me too. It does get better in time. Glad you were able to speak to jake and liz. They know their stuff.