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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Recovery Day #40 - Quick Healing

It's amazing how quick it can change. Waking up this morning I still felt unable to go to work, but had a commitment to run the morning meeting. I got into the office at 10am, feeling like hell, hot red and sore.

At 12.30 I went to the doctor to have a look at my ear (turns out it's infected internally), and realised my skin was so dry and sore I had to go home and moisturize. I was worried this would be the end of my day, but interestingly the skin had healed significantly since leaving that morning and once I applied the moisturizer to the dry skin and lay down for an hour, I was actually feeling good.

When I got home from the office I was dry again, but soon after moisturizing I was feeling really good and now as I sit on the couch I'm feeling limber and good.... here's hoping it gets even better over night. I have an 8.30 meeting, really hoping that my face won't be bright red after the shower.


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  3. That is the nature of TSW. One day you can look like a tomato and the next, a peach! I learned to really appreciate the good days and breaks between flares. You get more "good days" as time goes on. Another thing i noticed a few months in was that some days I looked like hell but felt happy and full of energy. It was at this point that how i felt became more important to me than how I looked.

    Glad you are getting a break and hope you skin is good for your next meeting.

  4. Hi Josh, I would recommend trying Dermeze. Bills nightly ritual involves applying Dermeze, before putting on Tubifast bandages, especially immediately after bathing whilst his skin is still moist. We use a cream called Mums Secret (note: contains silver) on the sores and thickened dry cracked skin areas, and then Dermeze all over (purchasing a massage table recently made this routine all so much easier). I buy the Dermeze from Amcal Chemist, and the Tubifast bandages online from The Allergy Shop Australiattp:// OR (blue line bandages for the arms & yellow line bandages for the legs.) Hope this helps.

  5. Thanks Johan and Simone, I appreciate the thoughts and recommendations. I've been looking for ways to wrap my legs up at work, so I don't ;eave flakes everywhere, by this looks like a good opportunity to explore the bandage idea.

    Also, it looks like the moisturizer you recommended is very similar to the QV version that I've been using. I've tried a few things, but it's by far the best, creating a layer of moisture that locks everything in and keeps me in good comfort.

    I'm really interested in that spray on moisture, that sounds like a great way to keep my skin wet while I'm out and about. The thing that really gives me trouble is when I am out with clients and I feel everything dry up and get sore. Having a take with me spray could be the solution I've been needing!!

  6. Stumbled across this while reading about dermeze which I've been using on my baby sons eczema, just wanted to let you know that as far as I've read the qv has the same two ingredients as the dermeze plus a few other ingredients and a preservative. Dermeze only has 50% soft white paraffin and 50% liquid paraffin no other additives and therefor no need for preservatives.
    If Qv works for you by all means use it but just thought id let you know they are not the same.
    Good luck with your condition!