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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Recovery Day #40 - Quick Healing

It's amazing how quick it can change. Waking up this morning I still felt unable to go to work, but had a commitment to run the morning meeting. I got into the office at 10am, feeling like hell, hot red and sore.

At 12.30 I went to the doctor to have a look at my ear (turns out it's infected internally), and realised my skin was so dry and sore I had to go home and moisturize. I was worried this would be the end of my day, but interestingly the skin had healed significantly since leaving that morning and once I applied the moisturizer to the dry skin and lay down for an hour, I was actually feeling good.

When I got home from the office I was dry again, but soon after moisturizing I was feeling really good and now as I sit on the couch I'm feeling limber and good.... here's hoping it gets even better over night. I have an 8.30 meeting, really hoping that my face won't be bright red after the shower.