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Saturday, 20 October 2012

Day #44 Good recovery but very tired

Thursday and Friday were a little rough, but come Saturday morning I'm feeling good.  My skin has gained some strength and a number of the small cuts on my chest and back have healed up.  The dry skin on my body has reduced significantly and this allows the moisturiser to last longer and keep me comfortable.

I haven't been going out much because I get uncomfortable easily, but today was no problem to go visit a friend for coffee, then drop into a Thai massage joint for an hour long relaxing massage.  It was a great feeling to do something a little social and fun.

Interestingly however, even though my body is feeling better, I'm tired as hell.  I slept til 12 today, then had another nap at 5pm.  All day I've been exhausted, not like chronic fatigue, I could force myself through it if I wanted to, but I choose to let the body heal and not push it.

The only other thing worth noting is that we are coming into Summer at the moment and today was a great opportunity to lay naked in the sun for 30 minutes.  I really feel like the sun does terrific stuff for me.  On the forums they say that sun only help you latter in recovery, but the couple times I've done it have made me feel and look better, so I maintain that any sun you get is a good thing (just in moderation of course).

Hope everyone is feeling as good as me.


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  1. The tiredness is due to the adrenal glands healing. The adrenals are responsible for producing natural cortisone, so have gotten lazy after being supplied with so much of rhe artificial stuff via the creams. They have to learn to work again. The tiredness goes after a few weeks.