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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Red Skin Syndrom Day #11 Update

A couple quick interesting things I noticed about my red skin syndrome.

#1 Last night I had a shower before I went to bed, it made it much more comfortable during the night and the flaking was significantly less severe when I woke up. This said, the skin in now more dried out, so it's a win and lose situation. Overall, I have to call it a win, as I'm looking respectable and can go into the office today.

#2 Hives have appeared on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet. I've read that these are expected, and interestingly when I was using cortisone I use to get this from time to time, but didn't know why. In my mind, this strengthens the relationship between the two. I know they will remain there for the next 1-2 weeks which is frustrating as it makes closing my hand harder.

 #3 My legs have started to dry out and flake. Like the whole body flare ups I would get when on cortisone, the redness goes all over my body before it would go away. You can always tell when it is about to hit a new area, as that ski becomes hot, itchy and very soft. If you rub that area, the top layers of skin fall away and a juicy new layer is exposed... within 24 - 48 hours that area has become flaky and dry. Oh and finally, I'm freezing cold all the time. This is because my skin is bright red (all over) and giving off heat, so subsequently I feel very cold. It's a vicious cycle as rugging up causes the red skin to exfoliate more.

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