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Monday, 24 September 2012

Leaky gut syndrome & Red Skin

One thing I explored before I found out about cortisone addiction was Leaky Gut Syndrome.  Basically what this is, is the concept that we have damaged our intestinal walls and created small cracks through which undigested foods can escape.   I researched this thoroughly and found a lot of people with leaky gut were suffering bad inflammation, much like mine.  What I learned didn't cure me, but my now smarter diet has made a big difference.

Leaky Gut - The main antagonists
If you are following my learnings, here's the first and major things to cut from your diet:

Processed Sugar
Known as 'the white death', processed sugar is a real killer for our systems to digest.  I use to think sugar = energy, but in fact, sugar = mineral deficiency, as the body needs to steal nutrients from other places to break down the sugar and dump it from our systems.

Getting off sugar is really hard, it takes about a week before the hunger pains go away and you constantly eat trying to supplement the feeling.  I've read multiple accounts of quitting sugar being harder that quitting heroin and it was hard, but now I feel a million times better.

There are lots of accounts of people cutting sugar and eating lots of natural fruit and veg to find their ailments have disappeared.

 I found some really interesting research that links gluten to inflammation.  The more i read and studied my own eating habit, the more I noticed a connection.  Cutting gluten is not hard physically, but it can be hard initially when you have to really think about the products that contain gluten.  For example, bread is a basic one we all eat regularly - take the time to read the packet and try to cut it out.

This one wasn't as big for me, but it's a common foe so I've cut it out of my system just to be sure.  The last thing I want is a little milk, or cream causing a flare up.

The Result
I benefited greatly from going through this process.  My diet nowadays is excellent, with lots of fruit and vegetable (all leaky gut approved), as well as fish, meat and juices.  I've even got into slow cooking, which is pretty funny for a guy in his 20's, but it rocks!

As a result of doing this, my skin flares much less often and my guts which had been a little queezy have completely fixed themselves up.  I use the bathroom daily now, with good consistency, size and shape to my stool, which is something that has been missing over the past few years.

I recommend eating healthier to anyone and please read up on how bad sugar is for you!!


  1. So happy to have run into your blog. What a great idea to have video.

    I'm approaching 5 weeks cessation from cortisone & steroids and am traveling the very same ups & downs. It's a brutal road, but it's obviously a road that we must travel in order to go on with our lives.

    I also have a blog. It's just been a general blog for the past few years, but my most recent posts are about TWS or RSS, starting here:

    Looking forward to following along with your journey and hoping for a quick recovery for you and all others just like us!

  2. Leaky gut include environmental and food allergies, arthritis of several types, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatic disease, migraines, autism, celiac disease and gluten intolerance, and fibromyalgia.

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