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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day #21 Update - Swollen feet & Ankles

Swelling is the latest of the side affects that is driving me crazy.  My legs and feet look similar to a swollen balloon, which from my readings of other people's blogs is not uncommon.  For myself, what I am most frustrated by is the lack of control, there's not much you can do, but stay the course and hope it fixes itself.  I would love to go for a massage, but my skin is still broken and healing in places and I would feel quite embarrassed having anyone have to work on that, so for now I guess I just put up with it.

There is not much pain at the moment, so it's not like I can't live with it.  I guess it's more about our natural inclination as humans to touch and rub things that aren't right.  As an example, I can't stop scratching my scalp as I can feel flaky hair up there, but yet it's causing me no discomfort, so why am I doing it?

As much as this is a medical process that we have to get through, there is a psycological element that is worth exploring.  I like to rtionalise things with myself, try to understand my actions and almost promise myself that I will or won't act is a certain way.  In doing this, I've improved my diet, minimsed scratching and learned a lot about my own body.  Now don't go thinking I'm a hippy, or smoking the good stuff, it's more that you should always try to take the psotivies from every situation.

Good luck to us all.

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  1. Hi Josh,
    I had the swelling in the early months. I found it useful to raise my legs up above heart level whenever possible. This could mean lying down on the setee with your legs propped up and over the back.
    If you cannot find a way to raise them above heart level, then simply keeping them raised as much as possible is a good alternative. Invest in a footstool or place a wooden chair in front of your seat to prop your feet up on.

    This should reduce the swelling significantly. The swelling is a horrible symptom, but it does pass. It just makes you wonder what these steroids have done to our bodies.

    Great blog. I have linked you to my blog and signed up as a follower. Look forward to seeing your progress.