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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day #21 Update - Swollen feet & Ankles

Swelling is the latest of the side affects that is driving me crazy.  My legs and feet look similar to a swollen balloon, which from my readings of other people's blogs is not uncommon.  For myself, what I am most frustrated by is the lack of control, there's not much you can do, but stay the course and hope it fixes itself.  I would love to go for a massage, but my skin is still broken and healing in places and I would feel quite embarrassed having anyone have to work on that, so for now I guess I just put up with it.

There is not much pain at the moment, so it's not like I can't live with it.  I guess it's more about our natural inclination as humans to touch and rub things that aren't right.  As an example, I can't stop scratching my scalp as I can feel flaky hair up there, but yet it's causing me no discomfort, so why am I doing it?

As much as this is a medical process that we have to get through, there is a psycological element that is worth exploring.  I like to rtionalise things with myself, try to understand my actions and almost promise myself that I will or won't act is a certain way.  In doing this, I've improved my diet, minimsed scratching and learned a lot about my own body.  Now don't go thinking I'm a hippy, or smoking the good stuff, it's more that you should always try to take the psotivies from every situation.

Good luck to us all.