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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Day #25 Video Update - Positive!


  1. Hey Josh, So pleased you are doing so well!

    There is a scientific term for the hair loss, but my brain retains nothing of importance so I cant remember it! It seems to happen to alot of people though, my son lost all of his eyebrows and a hell of a lot of head hair, thankfully all back to normal now though. If your still curious as to what that official name is, Nat on the Itsan forum knows it I think!

    Keep on owning it!

    Kelly (my blog is

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  3. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate knowing that the hairloss is temporary. To be fair, I've been losing my hair for a long time and I've never had any body hair, so part of me is actually looking forward to shaving it all off.

    If you hadn't noticed, I'm a really positive guy, I love life and I love the people around me. This is a hurdle, and it sucks, but there is so much awesomeness around us every day that the good much outweighs the bad. I hope you can see that as well.

    Johan, all the best with the recovery. I am an enormous fan of light therapy, it has helped me in the past. Even just getting in the sun is a good thing. I've always noticed when I go on holiday and get lots of sun, by body improves a heap. Of course, it also means no stress, which is a big problem in my line of work, but I maintain the sun is the key ingredient.

    One other thing I highly recommend is cutting gluten out of your diet entirely. Sugar and Gluten are two things that open the body up tin inflammation, and since I've cut them, I haven't had any rashes at all.

    Thanks for the comments guys, it has put a huge smile on my face!!


  4. Josh, I looked it up! The technical term is 'telegen effluvium'

    SO glad you are keeping so upbeat, it is so important, I wasnt always able to though!

    Johan, will keep my fingers crossed that you don't ricochet x