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Monday, 24 September 2012

Cortison & Hives on hands & feet - Day #19

The hives that appears on my hands and feet about a week ago have now mostly gone, although they have left in their place sore, dry, cracks on the underside which are quite painful. This area of the body can't really be moisturised, so you have to grit your teeth and bare it. I expect another week and they'll be back to normal, which is not too bad.

Interestingly I use to get this occasionally when I used cortisone, so I'm not surprised to be getting them again now, it's just another sign the body is giving me that this was a drug I needed to get out of my system.

Pleasingly the red on my hands is much reduced

Interestingly the redness on the back of my hands and up my arms is much less significant at the moment. It's almost like it has faded in the sun, and even broken up into a more spotty complexion. I know this can change with the hour, but it's giving me lots of confidence.

Today I have no pain in my body, the cracks under my arms are healing well and the movement in my neck is improving. It will be interesting to see if this persists over the next few days. A buddy has arranged me a grand final ticket to see my Hawthorn Hawks play in the AFL grand final in front of 100,000 people on Saturday... I really hope I am feeling good and can go along!!

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